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Cocktail Culture Being a Part of Generation Z Life from Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi

Compared with previous generations, like the Millennials or Baby Boomers, generation Z has developed and changed a lot in their mind-set and behaviours. Financial mindedness and great awareness about requirements in purchasing decisions of this young generation is what makes them fundamentally apart. Particularly, before deciding which cocktail bar to go in the evening, they will have to consider between prices as well as quality feedback of the cocktails and the service, to see if it is worth the price they have to pay. 


At Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi, we offer our “gen Z” customers with exclusive cocktail options, from classic to bespoke, with reasonable ranges of price that are suitable with their financial states, since only a minority of the generation Z are now at the working age and have a job. To please our spirit lovers coming to the bar, it is our mission to use and serve cocktails with first-class spirits and ingredients, imported from various areas domestically and internationally. 


Unlike the Millennials, people of the generation Z are more cautious about their mental health problems and maintenance, therefore, having a work-life balance is more essential for them than being a “workaholic” just to pay the bills. The young generation constantly look for new entertaining activities and destinations after a tiring working week that can meet the above criterias, and going to a cocktail bar in the evening is the top option for them. 


Aside from the economical price ranges of the spirits, you can observe the breath-taking sunset from the view of the top roof of JM Marvel Hotel 16 Hang Da. Sitting at Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi, apart from the hustle and bustle daily life of the Old Quarter under your feet, it is an oddly peaceful state of mind that you may feel when holding a dedicatedly-made cocktail in your hand and crackling with your friends on a weekend evening, while watching the sun slowly sets on the horizon.


As generation Z is the “tech savvy” generation, who were born in the immerse of technology and smart devices, dating apps are now one of the trends amongst them. People of this generation tend to be socially-awkward, thus dating apps are their “saviour” since they can have a full conversation with someone they are interested in and develop a deeper understanding about them before meeting in real life. And where could be a more befitting place for a first date than at a cocktail bar?


Coming to Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi, if you like a private place to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner, a sit at the balcony looking straight to the olden but astonishing Old Quarter streets in the evening is the perfect choice for you. And remember that our observant and ingenious bartenders will always come to “rescue” you when you run out of conversations! 


Have you had a plan for this weekend yet? If not, let’s make a reservation at Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi now to enjoy your weekend at the fullest with your loved ones. 


Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi - Floor 9th - JM Marvel Hotel and Spa -16 Hang Da, Old Quarter

Update: 15 Dec 2022