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A New Cocktail Bar That Worth Visit at Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi

Many may have known the Golden Age of Cocktail was between 1806-1910s, when the Americans started to enjoy mixed drinks and invented many classic cocktails like Manhattan, Daiquiri and Martini. However, it was in the early 1800s when the first cocktail bar was born in New Orleans, with the birth of Sazerac. The recipe included Antonine Peychoud’s French brandy Sazerac-de-Forge et fils cognac. Though the recipe has been tweaked a lot over the years, the passion with cocktails is still there and it spreads to many other countries in the world, including Vietnam, with the rise of numerous cocktail bars and speakeasies.
Walking down the streets in Hanoi, it is not a challenge to catch appealing cocktail bars with unique features of each, when more and more people prefer spending time in a cocktail bar when it comes to meeting and gathering with friends. Thus, the quality requirements of a cocktail bar are being increased. It is not just simply a place where people have some drink and “chit chat” with friends, but a place where they can dive in the welcoming and cosy atmosphere of the bar, cherishing a fresh, dedicatedly-made cocktail of their preference.
At Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi, each of our cocktails represents a different story about Vietnamese culture and history. And if you prefer a bespoke cocktail for your own, our professional and experienced bartenders are delightful to hear about your preference of drinks and write a unique beautiful story with their concoctions. If you have a fear of being lost in the middle of the bar when going alone, our bartenders will be your “partner” and guide you to the world of spirits.
Located on the top floor of JM Marvel Hotel 16 Hang Da, Cloud Sky Bar brings you to a panorama view of the Old Quarters. From the rooftop of a building in the middle of the capital, it is exciting to see and observe the vibrant life of the people here. It is a comfortably-different perspective from being on the street and joining that hustle and bustle lifestyle of the Hanoi citizens that every traveller should try once.
Another thing you can observe from Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi is the breath-taking sunset. There is nothing that can compete with the experience of watching the vibrant life of Hanoi with the magnificent sunset in the evening, while holding a fine cocktail and slowly enjoying it. Such beautiful moment with our classy design and ambience is the best to spend with your partner when going on a date.  With all of these above spectacular experiences you will have at Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi, why not pay us a visit and try out the unique cocktails made specially just for you?
Cloud Sky Bar Hanoi - Floor 9th - JM Marvel Hotel and Spa -16 Hang Da, Old Quarter
Update: 18 Feb 2023